Meloy officially announces run for Congress in 17th District

In just 3 months, Meloy has raised over $130k, earned endorsements from over 25 elected officials and community leaders, building grassroots momentum for historic race.

Pittsburgh, PA– Upon release of Pennsylvania’s new congressional maps, Sean Meloy, a lifelong Democrat, Allegheny County native, and local and national LGBTQ advocate, officially announced his run for United States Congress in Western Pennsylvania’s 17th Congressional District. The 17th district will move from R+2 to D+1 district. If elected, Meloy would be the first openly gay member of Congress from the Keystone State.

“I am honored to run in the district I was born and raised in; where I’ve been elected to the State Democratic Committee. My family has a long history here. My grandfathers worked in coal mines and steel mills. My Nonna ran the post office in Indianola right here in this district. My parents worked hard to provide a good life for me but I’ve seen how that good life has become less and less accessible to working families in this community– I’m running to fix that,” said Meloy.

“While so many Pennsylvanians are being left behind, the most powerful and wealthy are catered to and taken care of. Whether it’s stagnant wages while corporate profits skyrocket, the broken campaign finance system, or the many problems that became even more apparent during the pandemic, our government needs to do a better job of being there for ALL of us – not just the privileged few.

“I am the candidate to win and keep this district in Democratic hands because I have organized in this community and know what needs to be done to bring relief to working families, grow our local economy, create good union jobs for the 21st century, address our changing climate, and ensure marginalized groups are represented and protected under the law. I will be a pragmatic progressive voice that gets things done. I will be sure to put the welfare of the people of Western PA first and never forget they are the priority in all I’ll do.”

After announcing his campaign in November, Meloy raised more than $130,000 in 7 weeks, outraising all opponents in Q4 and reporting ⅔ of contributions at or less than $100.

This announcement comes at the heels of Meloy’s campaign gaining grassroots momentum, joining leaders and activists across the Commonwealth and country in support, including LGBTQ+ Victory Fund; Pennsylvania State Representative Scott Conklin; Pittsburgh City Councilman Corey O’Connor; Sharpsburg councilmembers Carrie Tongram and Sarah Ishman; Crafton Councilmember Vincent Ridilla; Wheeling, West Virginia Councilmember Rosemary Ketchum; community leaders, Michele Boyle, Tracy Baton, Angie Valvano, Tyler Titus, Lissa Geiger Shulman, and Daniel Smith; Valerie Fleisher, Mt. Lebanon School Board Member and State Democratic Committee Member; Elizabeth Dunn, Shaler Township School Board Member; Jessica Semler, Etna Councilwoman; Jim DePoe, President of Steel City Stonewall Democrats and labor leader; Autumn Monaghan, Chair of Harrison Township Democratic Party; State Democratic Committee Members: Jennifer Buchanan Rapach, Abigail Gardner, Rob Frank, Paul McKrell, Jess McCurdy, Barbara Behrend Ernsberger.